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  1. Zhao, N, Wu, Z, Zhang, Q, Shi, X, Ma, Q, Qiao, Y, Optimization of Parameter Selection for Partial Least Squares Model Development. Scientific reports 2015, 5.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  2. Dai, X, Ding, H, Yin, Q, Wan, G, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study On Self-Assembled Platycodin Structures: The Potential Biocarriers for Drug Delivery. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 2015, 57, 20-26. [Abstract] [PDF]

  3. Ding, H, Yin, Q, Wan, G, Dai, X, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Solubilization of Menthol by Platycodin D in Aqueous Solution: An Integrated Study of Classical Experiments and Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation. Int J Pharm 2015, 480 (1), 143-151.[Abstract] [PDF] 

  4. Li, W, Lin, Z, Yang, C, Wang, Y, Qiao, Y, Study On the Chemical Constituents of Momordica Charantia L. Leaves and Method for their Quantitative Determination. Biomedical Research-India, 26: 415-419, 2015. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  5. Li, Y, Shi, X, Wu, Z, Guo, M, Xu, B, Pan, X, Ma, Q, Qiao, Y, Near-Infrared for On-Line Determination of Quality Parameter of Sophora Japonica L. (Formula Particles): From Lab Investigation to Pilot-Scale Extraction Process. Pharmacognosy Magazine 2015, 11 (41), 8. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  6. Lin, Z, Jia, S, Luo, G, Dai, X, Xu, B, Wu, Z, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Dealing with Heterogeneous Classification Problem in the Framework of Multi-Instance Learning. Talanta, 132: 175--181, 2015. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  7. Lin, Z, Pan, X, Xu, B, Zhang, J, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Evaluating the Reliability of Spectral Variables Selected by Subsampling Methods. J Chemometr 2015, 29 (2), 87-95. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  8. Liu, X, Ma, Q, Liu, S, Shi, X, Zhang, Q, Wu, Z, Qiao, Y, Monitoring as and Hg Variation in an-Gong-Niu-Huang Wan (Agnh) Intermediates in a Pilot Scale Blending Process Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2015, 151, 547-552. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  9. Luo, G, Xu, B, Shi, X, Li, J, Dai, S, Qiao, Y, Rapid Characterization of Tanshinone Extract Powder by Near Infrared Spectroscopy. International Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2015, (UNSP 704940).  [Abstract] [PDF]  

  10. Luo, G, Xu, B, Sun, F, Cui, X, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Quality by Design Based High Shear Wet Granulation Process Development for the Microcrystalline Cellulose. Acta pharmaceutica Sinica 2015, 50 (3), 355-9.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  11. Pan, X, Li, Y, Wu, Z, Zhang, Q, Zheng, Z, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, A Online Nir Sensor for the Pilot-Scale Extraction Process in Fructus Aurantii Coupled with Single and Ensemble Methods. Sensors 2015, 15 (4), 8749-8763.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  12. Wan, G, Dai, X, Yin, Q, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Interaction of Menthol with Mixed-Lipid Bilayer of Stratum Corneum: A Coarse-Grained Simulation Study. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 2015, 60, 98-107.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  13. Wu, Z, Shi, X, Wan, G, Xu, M, Zhan, X, Qiao, Y, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems/Near-Infrared Validation of Different Sampling Modes and Sample Sets Coupled with Multiple Models. Planta Med 2015, 81 (2), 167-174.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  14. Wu, Z, Shi, X, Zhao, N, Pei, Y, Xu, M, Zhou, L, Li, Y, Qiao, Y, Estimation of Multivariate Detection Limits of Four Quality Parameters in Licorice Using Mems-Nir Spectrometry Coupled with Two Sampling Accessories. Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences 2015, 8 (15500095). [Abstract] [PDF] 

  15. WU, Z, ZHOU, L, DAI, S, SHI, X, QIAO, Y, Evaluation of Nir Spectromicroscopy for the Analysis of Glycyrrizhic Acid in Licorice. Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines 2015, 13 (1), 0001-0005.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  16. Xu, M, Zhou, L, Zhang, Q, Wu, Z, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging for Quantitative Analysis of Chlorpheniramine Maleate and Distribution Homogeneity Assessment in Pharmaceutical Formulations. Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences 2015, 1650002. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  17. Xue, Z, Xu, B, Yang, C, Cui, X, Li, J, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Method Validation for the Analysis of Licorice Acid in the Blending Process by Near Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy. Analytical Methods 2015, 7 (14), 5830-5837. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  18. Zhang, J, Cai, W, Zhou, Y, Liu, Y, Wu, X, Li, Y, Lu, J, Qiao, Y, Profiling and Identification of the Metabolites of Baicalin and Study On their Tissue Distribution in Rats by Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Linear Ion Trap-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer. J Chromatogr B 2015, 985, 91-102.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  19. Zheng, S, Zhang, Y, Qiao, Y, The Mechanism Research of Qishen Yiqi Formula by Module-Network Analysis. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2015, 2015. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  20. Zhou, L, Xu, M, Wu, Z, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Pat: From Western Solid Dosage Forms to Chinese Materia Medica Preparations Using NirCi. Drug testing and analysis 2015.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  21. 裴艳玲, 吴志生, 史新元, 潘晓宁, 彭严芳, 乔延江, 厚朴酚近红外光谱的2D-Cos解析及其在藿香正气口服液模型中应用. 光谱学与光谱分析2015, (08), 2119-2123.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  22. Dai, S, Xu, B, Luo, G, Li, J, Xue, Z, Shi, X, Qiao, Y, Application of Design of Experiment and Design Space (Doe-Ds) Methodology for the Hplc Separation of Panax Notoginseng Saponins. The Open Chemical Engineering Journal 2015, (9), 47-52. [Abstract] [PDF]

  23. Zhou, Z, Wu, Z, Qiao, Y, Comparison of Ensemble Strategies in On-Line Nir for Monitoring the Extraction Process of Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Based On Different Variable Selections. Planta Med, 2015. [Abstract] [PDF] 



   1.    吴志生, 杜敏, 潘晓宁, 史新元, 乔延江. 粒径对多类中药材NIR频谱区的检测研究. 中国中药杂志 2015 2015-01-15(02):287-291.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   2.    罗赣, 徐冰, 孙飞, 崔向龙, 史新元, 乔延江. 基于QbD理念的微晶纤维素高速剪切湿法制粒过程实验研究. 药学学报 2015(03):355-359.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   3.    王林燕, 马群, 白洁, 冯欣, 石航, 乔延江. 沙漠嘎不同部位总黄酮和艾纳香素含量比较. 中华中医药学刊 2015(01):196-198.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   4.    阿荣, 乔延江, ·格日勒图, 昭日格图, 包力尔. 荜茇宁衍生物对高脂血症大鼠调脂作用及其机制的研究. 安徽医药 2015(08):1446-1449.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   5.    朱文涛, 段利忠, 石元元, 张金鹏, 乔延江. 基于《企业绩效评价标准值》的医药全行业绩效评价及预测. 经济与管理 2015(04):46-50.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   6.    吴志生, 史新元, 徐冰, 戴幸星, 乔延江. 中药质量实时检测:NIR定量模型的评价参数进展. 中国中药杂志 2015(14):2774-2781.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   7.    李飞雁, 徐曼菲, 乔延江. 基于近红外光谱技术天麻的产地区分. 世界科学技术-中医药现代化 2015(07):1405-1408. [Abstract] [PDF] 

   8.    徐冰, 薛忠, 罗赣, 李建宇, 史新元, 乔延江. 基于β-容度容忍区间的血塞通注射液近红外定量分析不确定度评估. 中草药 2015(06):832-839.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

   9.    王宇光, 史新元, 金锐, 李红燕, 孔祥文, 乔延江. 基于不良反应/事件文献分析的骨科中成药安全用药通则规律的初步研究. 中国中药杂志 2015(06):1192-1197.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  10.    刘晓娜, 张乔, 史新元, 吴志生, 乔延江. 基于LIBS技术的树脂类药材快速元素分析及判别方法研究. 中华中医药杂志 2015(05):1610-1614.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  11.    尹倩倩, 史新元, 丁海欧, 戴幸星, 乔延江. 介观模拟研究温度对DPPC磷脂双层膜结构的影响. 计算机与应用化学 2015(05):591-595.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  12.    徐冰, 周海燕, 史新元, 孙飞, 张毅, 乔延江. 清开灵注射液生产过程性能指数研究. 中国中药杂志 2015(10):1930-1934.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  13.    刘晓娜, 史新元, 贾帅芸, 赵娜, 吴志生, 乔延江. 基于LIBS技术对4种珍宝藏药快速多元素分析. 中国中药杂志 2015(11):2239-2243.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  14.    郑世超, 任真真, 张燕玲, 乔延江. 基于网络模块分析的降香黄酮类成分抗炎机制研究. 中国中药杂志 2015(08):1565-1569.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  15.    吴志生, 杜敏, 潘晓宁, 赵娜, 史新元, 乔延江. 硫磺熏蒸的葛根横纵截面快速判别分析. 中国中药杂志 2015(12):2336-2339.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  16.    阿荣, 乔延江, ·格日勒图. 胡椒碱对诱导肝癌细胞凋亡的体外实验研究. 实用癌症杂志 2015(06):803-805.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  17.    张加余, 蔡伟, 李云, 刘荣荣, 王子健, 刘颖, et al. HPLC/LTQ-Orbitrap MS~n结合MDF数据挖掘技术快速鉴定藏白蒿绿原酸类似物. 质谱学报 2015(04):321-327.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  18.    裴艳玲, 吴志生, 史新元, 潘晓宁, 彭严芳, 乔延江. 厚朴酚近红外光谱的2D-COS解析及其在藿香正气口服液模型中应用. 光谱学与光谱分析 2015(08):2119-2123. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  19.    朱文涛, 张丽丽, 张金鹏, 石元元, 乔延江. 运用德尔菲法构建上市中药企业竞争力评价指标体系. 中国中医药信息杂志 2015(08):26-30. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  20.    张景芳, 蒋芦荻, 张燕玲. 支持向量机在中药肾毒性研究中的应用. 中国中药杂志 2015(06):1134-1138. [Abstract] [PDF] 

  21.    蒋芦荻, 贺昱甦, 陈茜, 陶欧, 李贡宇, 张燕玲. 基于分子对接技术的高频降脂药对作用机制研究. 中国中药杂志 2015(12):2413-2419.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  22.    霍晓乾, 乔连生, 蒋芦荻, 贺昱甦, 李贡宇, 张燕玲. 基于受体药效团的CETP天然抑制剂的发现研究. 中国中药杂志 2015(15):3063-3067.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  23.    孙婧, 张燕玲, 顾浩, 王耘. 中药药性组合的配伍理论模型初探. 中国中药杂志 2015(16):3327-3330.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  24.    张百霞, 宋阔魁, 李彦文, 张燕玲, 李志勇, 王耘. 基于系统药理学的天珠散抗血管性痴呆机制研究. 中华中医药杂志 2015(05):1425-1431.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  25.    曹佳, 辛娟娟, 王耘. 药对网络中社团的网络特征数值分析. 中国中药杂志 2015(11):2199-2205.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  26.    李飞雁, 袁斌, 颜素容, 邱佳, 马莉, 顾浩, et al. 基于方剂药性特征的保健品设计与功能发现方法研究. 中华中医药杂志 2015(08):2961-2964.  [Abstract] [PDF] 

  27.    周文斌, 林力, 李志勇, 毕天, 叶田园, 马璀强, et al. 土家药天珠散防治血管性痴呆的有效成分与作用机制研究. 中国中药杂志 2015(13):2668-2673.  [Abstract] [PDF]